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January 17, 2024

Repair OnDemand Launches Full Cycle of Reconditioning Solutions

Repair OnDemand is launching several solutions at NADA 2024 that will represent an end-to-end solution for automotive reconditioners.

Plano, Texas – January 17th, 2024 – Repair OnDemand, the leading provider of on-demand, vehicle-side repair technology, is launching several solutions at NADA 2024 that will represent an end-to-end solution for automotive reconditioners. Dealers using these tools will now be able to quickly diagnose and clear codes, master reconditioning with a seamless workflow, and harness Repair OnDemand’s network of 16,000 mobile technicians to complete the repair work needed.

The first step in Repair OnDemand’s end-to-end solution is the launch of their diagnostic tool, BlueDriver Max, to the dealer industry. After seeing overwhelming success and demand in the auto auction market, dealerships have asked to have the same instant diagnostic product for their own stores. Using BlueDriver Max, dealers will be able to plug the device into vehicles at auction, private trade-in, and other acquisition touchpoints to quickly read diagnostic codes for an accurate understanding of the condition of the vehicle.

“We’ve had a very successful run with all of the leading online auctions using BlueDriver to quickly and accurately determine the diagnostic codes of incoming used vehicles,” said Greg Lubrani, CSO of Repair OnDemand. “Dealers will now have the same instant, plug-in access for their acquired vehicles, enabling them to make diagnostic decisions faster and bring in additional used vehicles.”

Once the diagnostics are determined, Repair360 creates a seamless workflow for the reconditioning process to reduce administrative and workflow complexity. Using Repair360, all departments across the Fixed Ops Department, from parts to service to reconditioning, can view, collaborate, and manage the reconditioning process. In turn, this means faster turn-around times, better interdepartmental communication, and an elevated customer experience overall.  

The Repair Exchange is an innovative platform designed to streamline the reconditioning and repair processes for dealerships by providing access to a network of over 16,000 skilled technicians. This system not only facilitates the easy subletting of repair jobs but is also fully integrated into Repair360, allowing for efficient management of repair jobs, direct work order dispatch, progress monitoring, and communication—all within a single system.

“Speed and efficiency are critical components of getting used vehicles through the reconditioning process and out on the lot for sale,” said Randy Kobat, President of Repair OnDemand. “The solution set we are launching at NADA 2024 will help guide dealers through the diagnosing, reconditioning and repair of these vehicles, giving them a critical advantage over their competition in getting cars front-line ready for retail this next year.”

To meet with executives at NADA and see a demo of the solution set launched, please visit us at booth #6237N or visit www.repairondemand.com/NADA to schedule an appointment.

About Repair OnDemand

Repair OnDemand is a trailblazer in the automotive repair industry, offering state-of-the-art technology solutions that streamline repair and reconditioning services. We empower on-demand, vehicle-side repair through our software, technology, and people. Our solutions include the Repair Exchange, a trusted marketplace that connects sublet repair professionals with companies with vehicles needing repair, inspection, or both. With an accomplished team possessing deep industry knowledge, Repair OnDemand, alongside its portfolio companies—AutoMobile Technologies (AMT), BlueDriver®, Mobile Tech RX, and One Guard Inspections—stands as a trusted and proven partner in auto repair. For more information, please visit repairondemand.com